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Saturday, September 13, 2003

1:22PM - To amurderofcrows,

Is there an island open for three or four muses?

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Sunday, October 20, 2002

4:48PM - Untitled.

He'd never felt like this before. Never ever. Not with anyone, or anything, not ever. Holding this person in his arms, caressing a soft cheek, placing little butterfly kisses all over that delicate face.. He'd never felt so content and peaceful before. Not even with Kaen.. Sure, he loved her. He knew he always would love her, always want to be with her.. but there was just something about this person.. With every fiber of his being, with every ounce of his soul, he knew he was hopelessly, completely, all-consumingly in love with this person.

This little boy.Collapse )

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Thursday, July 18, 2002

10:27AM - Retirees, Part 1

"Is this all there is for us?"


Hikou looked across at the bar at the skinny blonde; a backup character, nothing but fluff with no real background beyond that he looked like an unfed Nakago with a gay-pride pin prominent on his chest, right under the name tag that read 'Jimmy'.

"Is this all there is for us. I mean, just sitting here, wondering, waiting… just sitting here being bored."

"Well, uh… I'm the wrong person to ask," the back-up bartender said.

Hikou sighed, and nodded. "Going to a booth, then," he pointed to the one he was going to occupy, and took his beer stein and went to seat himself away from the poor, under used backup character.

A few mugs later, the shitenou was nearly half-asleep from the amount of booze running through his watered-down blood, he wondered why he was bothering with this. Drinking was no fun without Yousui, anyway. Booze required the booze buddy, but being a new father and husband sort of cut back upon the time available for drinking till one had trouble feeling their legs.

Leaving his money on the table, he got up, headed out into the hot, summer night and began to trek home. Too bad his feet weren't quite right beneath him. He stumbled once, nearly fell, and found his arm caught by a passer-by.

He peered up into a face he did not recognize. Shrouded in black, the voice that spoke echoed in his head, he was sure was born of magic. {{ Watch where yer bloody going, yer sodden bastard. }}

"Fuck you too," Hikou managed, but found that he was still having trouble getting to his feet. But a slender arm looped around him and maneuvered him without much trouble, even as he heard what sounded like the bar's television, left on 'channel snow'.

The man in black with the magic voice half-carried Hikou up a short flight of steps, and into a house. The shitenou was then deposited on the couch, and the voice asked, {{ Don't know much 'bout you magic folk, but I'm guessin' yer so blotto yer seeing triple. }}

"Yeah. Somethin' like that."

{{ Yer get sick? }}

"No. Just need a shower to filter the bad shit out of me and bring in clean water."

{{ Fuckin' odd, yer are. Well, if you want a shower, go for it. Think you can not kill yerself getting' yerself in the shower? }}

"Should be fine." Hikou lugged himself off the couch, and plodded toward the room that the dark-clad man indicated with his arm. At least, the room he thought he indicated with what he thought was an arm....

(To be continued later.)

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

11:21AM - Good ol' boys.

It wasn't ever day that that a series grew to such popularity that a new street had to be commissioned for Haven. But today, the residents came out in mass, helping each other create a new home for a group that had out-grown 'Miscellaneous' and become a potent series in their own right.

"Is it me, or is the demon population around here... increasing?" Aidan muttered, as he helped raise one of the last walls of the humble shrine that would sit at the end of the street. "I mean, first we've got Spike. Multiple Hikou's. Yousui." He glanced over his shoulder as the final demon in question ran off early; probably to see his wife and two-month-old baby boy. "Now we have kitsune and dog-eared boys."

"It's the Writer's new obsession. That dogboy," noted Vash (one with a mechanical arm, thus, not Margie's husband to be). "But that's okay, isn't it? We all get our turn in the spotlight, right?"

"Yeah, true." Aidan grunted as the hammer crew-Jonothon and Angelo-came forward to start securing the wall they were holding up.

{{ And then, some of us 'ave more time in the spotlight then others, }} Jonothon noted, as he sent nails into the wood, his hammering in time with Angelo's.

"Yeah, yeah, don't remind me," Aidan muttered. He didn't need anymore reminders that his game had gone quite belly-up in the past few months.

{{ At least yer been played recently, }} Jono returned sourly.

"Oh, shut up," Aidan gave in return.

No body noticed the dog-eared boy who watched-and grinned-from the shade of the tree branches. He knew now, it was good to be a favorite! It meant you lingered like these old men. That, he decided, was better then anything else.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2002


The Maester's home was an imposing structure; far inland, it was a great edifice of white stone built into the small mountains that dominated the center of the island. It was, of course, fit for his rank, but it tended to intimidate the most hearty of visitors.

When Suika Kawamiya stood before it, she felt very small. Compared to the Maester, she was tiny; his six-foot-three form compared to her five feet with not an inch to spare was bad enough. But regardless, she used the knocker and waited.
A New Hope -- No, not star wars!Collapse )

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Monday, April 15, 2002

12:43PM - Sacred


No answer.


Still no answer.


And yet again, no answer.

Pure Yaoi Smut, with a moral at the end to boot.Collapse )

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Saturday, April 13, 2002

8:54PM - Early Retirement Is A BITCH.

"It's not fair!"

Aidan had heard this statement, spoken in varying stages of sobriety, more than once over the course of the evening. The speaker in question was a very straight laced woman. She was in her early thirties; the bun of lavender hair had since been loosened in her various flailing and periods of weeping, and her golden eyes were bloodshot with a combination of crying and booze.

Her name was Suika Kawamiya ('M.D', she would drunkenly add on.) She'd just found herself retired. Without so much as a warning, she was gone. Removed. And it obviously hurt. And not the normal hurt, either, Aidan heard. It was the hurt of premature retirement; the sort that came with spats between Players, misunderstanding and the like.
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Thursday, April 11, 2002

10:36AM - Someone's getting... ???

"Is it me, or has Vash been very… active of late?"
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Sunday, March 31, 2002

2:01PM - Aidan's Easter Surprise? c.c


It was Easter, and he was Catholic (by rearing, anyway -- reincarnation sort of put a hitch to that) and so roses were out of the question. Roses for Rosa were simply... silly anyway. So tulips in a bright array of spring colors, a simple card tucked among them were set upon her window sill.

A simple knocking, till he could hear her move within the house, was all that he needed. Then he ran. She'd see them! He was sure of it. And he'd watch her and hope a little.... for a sign that this might be an okay Easter after all.

At least, until he realized that he hadn't signed the card.. u_u;

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Wednesday, March 27, 2002


"The monk has a secret."
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Monday, March 25, 2002

12:44PM - The Broken Hearts Club

"A pint of bitter for you?"

"I have plenty of bitterness without drinking it, thank you. A glass of red wine, however, will suffice."
A man, a woman, a story, and ending.Collapse )

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Friday, March 22, 2002

6:50PM - Moving On.

'It's not fair.'Collapse )

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Thursday, March 21, 2002

10:24AM - On Ending.

The feeling that settled around the place was one of reverence, as they watched one of their own travel from their home on an active street to Retirement Row.

It was always considered a solemn occasion; something like an ending, but not quite the same.

"So you're not going to go?" Chichiri asked, as he watched Remi's furniture get hauled away in a truck. "You're going to stick it out here?"

"I'm obstinate that way," the man beside him replied, shifting the tiny, baby half-demon in his arms. "I still have stories in me. Life. I'm not ready to simply drift into the background and be quiet like a good boy."

"Rebel to the very end," Chichiri said with a chuckle. "Ah well. It's the rebels, the ones who struggle to stay awake, who have the lasting impression. And who get to have second chances at living again, you know."

"I know," the Majin Hikou replied with a smug grin. "I'm not done yet. There'll be a second chance. I know there will be."

Chichiri nodded quietly. "I'm glad you feel that way."

They parted ways without words. There was no need, for it wasn't a goodbye, merely a brief separation.

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Monday, March 18, 2002

11:06AM - Two Dancers, No Music.

He was gorgeous on the wing. While close, he was less then beautiful; too many sharp angles and filmy grayness touched with the constant scent of ylang-ylang and mimosa, she found him stunning when he was beating his wings and trailing clouds along behind him like a billowing cape.
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Friday, March 15, 2002

11:11PM - Spammy OOC post.

The island is fairly circular; there are a number of smaller islands around the central one in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A number of streets jut off the central 'town square', marked by a fountain with a lovely statue of dolphins in the center made of stone that seems to change color. A number of businesses are located here by muses and fictives as well. There's a restraint, a mechanics shop, and an imports shop, and probably a few other things (anything that anyone else wants to add.) The Red Wolf pub is also mirrored here.

The other streets are divided fairly by series or genre: Fushigi Yuugi, Final Fantasy, Trigun, Xenogears, Movies/TV, Marvel Comics, WoD, Originals. There's also retirement lane, where the 'old' muses go to rest and ignore the world for the most part

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12:49AM - Four Chichiris, 2 Hikous, and a Baby.

(Grabbed this from All My Muses, and 'ported it over. I liked it. Too good to leave behind. ^_^)
As the howls split the air in the evening, there was a tiny yawn and one body rolled over and nudged another.

"They're fighting again," Hikou mumbled sleepily.

“Da,” came the groggy reply.

As the shouts tapered off, new ones replaced them. This time, from the other room in the apartment; a baby’s cries.

“Fuck,” the first voice says. “He’s up again.” A body shifted, and then sat up, looking down at it’s companion in the bed. “It’s your turn.”

Snipped for implied yaoi -- nothing at all graphic -- and rambling length.Collapse )

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2:18AM - Muses. Intros from me. n_n

Just a listing of my current Muses:

Bart & Billy: The island’s cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutest couple. They make everyone else want to damn well gag. They also revel in this ability to make people’s teeth rot from all the sugar.

The Striketeam: A soap operatic group comprised of Vance (the redheaded hotshot), Helmholz (the quiet, intelligent enigma), Stratski (the vain peacock), Renk (fearless leader) and Broyer (the brick shithouse that you don’t want to mess with). Stratski and Helmholz are longtime lovers. Recently Stratski’s been sleeping with Vance, much to Helmholz’ chagrin. Broyer and Renk just keep quiet about it all. Youth, harrumph.

Nakago: Not much is known about the blonde wannabe god, but Nakago is around on the island. He’s reclusive and difficult to locate. And he’s hiding from any Tomos that may be lurking on any of the islands.

Sigurd and Hikitsu: Though they sure do look a lot alike, they are not related. In fact, they’re from entirely different series and simply hang around each other lamenting the days they both had to run themselves ragged to protect their ‘brothers’. They often meet for tea and talk about the other island inhabitants. The striketeam is a popular topic simply because they are an endless source of entertainment.

Touga, Akio, and Saionji: The latest to be stranded on FallofRain’s island. They’ll be introduced soon enough.

Irvine: The gunman and the only ‘straight’ one on the island. He occasionally appears for a moment to help another muse gain a bit of clarity in a situation and then goes back to lounging out on the sand.

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Thursday, March 14, 2002

9:37PM - Warning.

Tonight, I shall have my muses prancing about like mad. *_* They're ALL TALKING TO ME.


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12:00PM - Welcome Wagon

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!" It a sound of anguish and pain. It was a sound of horror!
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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

10:36AM - Majin!Hikou and LLB!Houjun talk....

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