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Welcome Wagon

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!" It a sound of anguish and pain. It was a sound of horror!

It was Kouran screaming at the top of her lungs, and it woke the entire Fushigi Yuugi lane. Chichiri, Houjun, Majin!Hikou, and Junjou all came barreling out of their homes, ready for anything, while numerous other people were peering out their windows and looking plenty bewildered.

They were even more confused when they saw that there were now three Kourans. One was who they all knew and loved; marked with a scar on her cheek, hands roughed with similar scar tissue, dressed in the manner of a maiden of China. The other was hiding behind Nobuyoshi's car and looking horrified.

The third was the most striking. Radiating dark chi in waves, this stunning beauty of a woman - of Kouran! - stood in a dress that revealed everything and left the more conservative version gawking in horror.

"You can't be me!" Kouran protested. "You can't be! You're... you're a slut!"

"I prefer the term 'hostess'," the new Kouran said.

"HOSTESS?!" Shrilled Kouran. "HOSTESS?!"

"She's gonna lose it, no da," said the bookworld Chichiri. "She's gonna blow her top!"

"Like Mt. Vesuvius," Junjou said bleakly.

"YOU'RE NOT A HOSTESS!" Kouran denied hotly. "You're a dirty, brazen, whore! A filthy, disgusting, horrible-"

"And there she goes, folks," groaned LLB!Hikou, before reaching out to grab the back of his lover's pants. "I've already seen enough. I was about to get out hell of a blowjob before she started up, and I think I'm going to go back to it."

"Hikou!" his lover squeaked, but was forcibly drawn back inside. The window shades were quickly drawn.

Kouran was still spewing invective. "-gross, vile, hideous-"

The others began to slowly trickle back into their homes. Kouran's mental instability and rampant sexual frustration was known to everyone; she had gotten more surly as time went by, and despite numerous suggestions that she get it over with, find a new guy, and get laid, no body seemed able to pair her with anyone new. Her husband gone the way of cold storage, and her once-beau simply uninterested, Kouran was left to degenerate into a bitter harridan. It didn't help that her friendship with Tasuki had expanded her vocabulary, either.

"-diseased, filthy, mockery of my virtue!"

"You said 'filthy' twice," the other Kouran said with a smirk.

"Shut up!" Kouran blurted. "Shut up!"

"Or what? You're gonna knit me a sweater that clashes with my complexion?"

Kouran went purple. The third, quieter Kouran simply remained ducked behind a car, unable to head past the other two to get to her new home.

"Really, baby. I think your problem is not that I'm mocking you, but that you want what you know I can get. Your man, any man. Virtue? Over-rated. Sex? That's where it's at." The double reached out to trail a finger down Kouran's scar, and her doubled smirked as she drew back in revulsion.

"Don't worry, though. I'm sure we can find some way to entertain you."

Kouran was white with rage, her eyes blazing. "Stay away from me. I hate you." With those final words, she whirled away, stalking to her home.

"You hate what I got over you," her double said, before glancing over to the car where the final Kouran hid. "You can come out now," she said. "I think she's gone for good."

"Is it always this exciting here?" the third asked.

"I hope so. Name's Benten. For now, anyway."

"Suika," the other hesitantly introduced herself.

"Pleasure. Be seeing you."

"I'm sure..." Suika breathed, and then scurried toward home as fast as she could move.
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