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Four Chichiris, 2 Hikous, and a Baby.

(Grabbed this from All My Muses, and 'ported it over. I liked it. Too good to leave behind. ^_^)
As the howls split the air in the evening, there was a tiny yawn and one body rolled over and nudged another.

"They're fighting again," Hikou mumbled sleepily.

“Da,” came the groggy reply.

As the shouts tapered off, new ones replaced them. This time, from the other room in the apartment; a baby’s cries.

“Fuck,” the first voice says. “He’s up again.” A body shifted, and then sat up, looking down at it’s companion in the bed. “It’s your turn.”

“But you're already up!”

“It’s still your turn.”

“Da... You're so cruel to me. Making me get up when you already are...” A hand fumbled for the lamp on the nightstand, clicking it on.

This version of the monk—or, rather, this version of the ex-monk—sat up, before glaring one-eyed over his shoulder at his lover. This version of Hikou just canted his head, amber eyes holding only weariness.

Houjun sighed softly, and then got up from their shared bed, and began to pad into the other room, seeking out the baby who bore his name. Hou-chan looked like his father, and his father, Shuusei, had been Hikou’s physical double. It amused Houjun to no end, at times, to think about how this boy really often looked like he could have been their child, had it not been biological impossibility for two men to breed together.

But the babe had only been scared by the noise, and once within his first otousan’s arms, Houjun found he was comforted and secure. Humming some soft lullaby beneath his breath, he rocked the babe in his arms till Hou-chan was again fighting drowsiness and suckling on one fist contentedly.

Houjun placed him in the bed quietly, before padding back to collapse into a heap into their bed. Hikou’s arms sought him out, but he squirmed.

“Oh, now you want to hold me,” Houjun said crankily.

“It was your turn,” Hikou insisted. “I can't help it that I don't really need to sleep.”

“Aka; if you don't need to sleep, why must you rouse me every time I want to, to take care of Hou-chan?” the former monk asked irritably.

Hikou’s hands splayed over Houjun’s chest, and drew him to him; he was warm now, his wings hidden and his body ‘human’ for as long as he maintained the spell. “Because... then maybe I can keep you up a little longer?”

“Is sex all you think about?” Houjun said, glancing back at his lover.

“No. I think about a lot of other things. But you're so cute when you tend to children...” There was a smirk he couldn't see, but Hikou and Houjun both knew it was there. “Very maternal.”

“Paternal, baka.” But Houjun was laughing now, remembering the old exchange. “But you're going to be the mother of my children, remember?”

“Not until I put some meat on my hips,” Hikou said, before his hands began to wander lower. “But still, we can practice for the big day when I'm ready, right?”

As Hikou’s nimble hands deftly found their way beyond the barrier of the sweats Houjun had worn to bed, he was forced to bite back a mewl of startled shock. Even after all this time, he still wasn't quite used to being sexual—Hikou, however, could barely be contained some nights, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that tonight would be one of those nights, as the pair began to shift and move, positions changing, clothes being slowly divested.

Finally, Houjun gave in with a sigh. Hikou won. He always did though, when it came to their battles in the bedroom.

“Yes,” Houjun murmured as the light clicked out of it’s own accord. “Practice.”

Hikou had nothing more to say. His mouth was busy elsewhere.

Bodies moved in the sparse light from their half-parted curtains, but the noise was at a minimum; exclamations bitten back, moans stifled, gasps short and choked. They'd had to learn to make love quietly in the dark—at first to preserve secrecy for their liaison, and then to keep the baby from waking when they went about their business in their beds. It heightened the experience sometimes; the forbidden moment, knowing that one false step would shatter it all and it would be back to the drudgery of being parents of a child that neither had any hand in siring.

But Hikou’s voice split the air just once, before both collapsed in a sweaty, sticky heap, tangled up in covers and each other. And then both froze, listening for the baby between panting for breath.

Hikou shifted, sliding to the side, and cradling his lover against him. He finished him off with skilled hands, muffling his own cry with his mouth, before allowing himself to share the tingling ki that excited the air whenever they coupled. Normally, they shared each other’s company in silence after the fact, enjoying the tingle and the burn without words. But tonight, things were different.

“Do the doubles bother you?” Hikou asked, his voice still hoarse.

Houjun blinked twice, and then peered at his demon lover. “What was that?”

“The doubles. The other Houjuns, and the other Hikou. Do they bother you?” Hikou clarified.

Houjun sat in silence for a time, confused, and then asked, “Do you mean, am I disturbed by their presence, or do they actively seek to annoy me?”

“Are you disturbed?”

Houjun lay in quiet thought, on this subject he had never pondered before. But after a moment, he finally answered, “No. They don't. But I think we bother them.”

“Fuck ‘em.”

“You're mine,” Houjun said with mock possessiveness. “And I'm yours. I just don't think... Well, look at it. We have one married Houjun on the retirement floor, one engaged reincarnate on the retirement floor, and neither of them come out much. But the new one, who’s just getting started, and the other reincarnate, who’s got that Genbu after him... I don't think they like us much.”

“And the Hikou?” the yaoi version pressed on. “The one who moons over Yui and Kouran in alternation?”

“Tsh. He has terrible taste in lovers.” Houjun said flatly. “He’d be better off gay.”

“Bitter, are we?” Hikou nuzzled Houjun’s neck with affection, and the pair settled further, comfortably drowsy.

“I do feel bad sometimes, though,” Houjun said after a time. “I don't like upsetting people.”

“I know. But sometimes, when you are as we are, it can't be avoided.” Hikou didn't seem overly saddened by the fact, but Houjun knew that he too would have preferred more freedom and less looks. But what could they do? Yaoi was in the minority here.

But so long as they had each other, well, it was all right, wasn't it? Neither voiced it, but both knew it. They fell back to sleep thusly, comforted by the other’s presence.

Nevermind that their tryst sent ripples of ki throughout the floors, and left at least one counterpart wide-eyed and shivering in his bed, trying to blot forbidden feelings from his mind. Such was the perils of such close living, with such powerful, receptive mages.
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