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Spammy OOC post.

The island is fairly circular; there are a number of smaller islands around the central one in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A number of streets jut off the central 'town square', marked by a fountain with a lovely statue of dolphins in the center made of stone that seems to change color. A number of businesses are located here by muses and fictives as well. There's a restraint, a mechanics shop, and an imports shop, and probably a few other things (anything that anyone else wants to add.) The Red Wolf pub is also mirrored here.

The other streets are divided fairly by series or genre: Fushigi Yuugi, Final Fantasy, Trigun, Xenogears, Movies/TV, Marvel Comics, WoD, Originals. There's also retirement lane, where the 'old' muses go to rest and ignore the world for the most part

My Muses And Where They Are:

Fushigi Yuugi: This is a highly populated part of town.

Shin'etsu Nobuyoshi, a Tomo-reincarnate, maintains a lovely home with his wife, Asako, who happens to be one of tenshiko's muses, a reincarnation of Soi. They're fairly quiet, and Nobuyoshi is both quite professional in demeanor and keen minded.

Mio Kaen is another 'happy couple' Tomo; this one female. She lives with Yousui and passes the time being pregnant currently. She's far more adjusted then she is on Majin Chuuten, however, and actually liked by most of her neighbors. Funny, that. Motherhood seems to suit her, strangely enough. Whether or not we have Volt spooking about the place has yet to be seen, but she probably writes him. ;D

Ruo Chuin, or 'The Original Tomo' maintains a lush lifestyle; he maintains a theatre house on one of the islands, and a VERY large house for just one person! He is, however, the one Nakago will have to watch out for. O_o; He's single and looking… like a hawk. <.< >.>;

Ri Houjun is one of many Chichiri's, and bookworld to boot. He happens to deny being gay, just… happily in … something with Hikou. He prefers to go by his true name rather then his seishi name, marking his break with destiny and his choice of redemption with Hikou rather then commitment to penance and duty. Hikou has proven quite vocal about his and Houjun's sex life, much to his lover's dismay. The pair are basically considered spouses. However, rumor has it that there's going to be a Kouran added to their happy family and a threesome formed from the twosome. Did we mention they have a baby? The child of two of Houjun's friends, now deceased, Houjun-chan, or simply Hou-chan, is named for his godfather and guardian. However as Hikou was identical to Shuusei, Hou-chan's father, the kid looks like the demon, and has seriously imprinted on him, much to Hikou's dismay.

Chichiri refers to two other bookworld versions!

Wagakuni!Chichiri is surprisingly active for a retired character, and actually is now quite good friends with Chuin. They have breakfast together. It's sketchy about their relationship, but it's fairly certain that despite the collapse of the game, Chichiri's still definitely got 'KOKIE' stamped on his heart and will not be straying anytime soon.

TW!Chichiri refers to the newest arrival; a brand new Chichiri from a brand new MUSH. He's still feeling things out right now; unsure of where he fits in just yet.

Aikou Junjou refers to a very quiet Chichiri-reincarnate… who has spasms if he sees anything vaguely resembling an angel. Retried and reserved… unless the subject of fencing comes up. Turns out he's a master fencer and a government agent. Who knew? O.o;

Sukawa Kouran, once wife to DS!Hikou, is now a very permanent and crabby resident of Fushigi Yuugi lane, refusing to accept retirement quietly. There are tensions with DS!Chichiri and her, and the general thought of the populace is this: Move on and get laid. C.c; To bad she seems real set on only two men, and one isn't putting out and the other isn't hanging around!

Kawamiya Suika is one of three MPM-Kouran's! The other two, Ikarigawa Rei and Aikawa Jun'u, both are happy in retirement lane. Suika, however, is new. She's also a doctor and happily provides medical services to those in need. She's far more friendly, if little socially inept, then the oher Kourans.

Another Kouran, calling herself Benten, has arrived, set down roots, and moved in-but she's still defining herself, so she won't be to active a participant. However, she likes to make Kouran's life hell by mocking her with her presence and her blatant sexuality. c_c;

Aidan Hoyt, a reincarnate Tasuki, lives in a pub with his ex-wife Rosa. They're happy, they shag, they laugh, they live. He's a good natured ol' fogey with a tendency toward being Real Loud.

Hotohori, Houki, Christian (A Chichiri), and Uruki are all part of Retirement Row.

Final Fantasy

Seifers are everywhere. There are only a few that stand out. The newest, Knight!Seifer, can often be seen honing his skills on things in the woods. FFMUX!Seifer has retired to quiet living on retire row, watching Waga!Seifer, who is completely certifiable and keeps assaulting his neighbors. Iczer!Seifer is no where to be seen; he's probably run off with Rinoa somewhere.

Garden!Fuujin can often be found with Knight!Seifer, but beyond that, she keeps to herself, as most Fuujin's do. She even has her own house, even if it is on retirement row.

The TURKs: Rude, Reno, and Elena all run a house, and they each work in the city, running the mechanics shops for kicks and making pipe bombs and playing jokes when no one is looking. Elena and Reno have a 'thing', but they hotly deny anything has happened or will happen..

A particularly new and noisy house has appeared: Jecht, Young!Auron and Braska have taken up residence there. Jecht is often seen in the Red Wolf pub, while Braska and Auron remain far more controlled, if friendly enough.

Old!Auron can be found guarding the all-purpose temple in town. He lives there. He doesn't talk much. People just leave him be.

Squall Leonhart is on retirement row, and likes it there. No body but that crazy Seifer bugs him.

Maester Seymour Guado also maintains a MASSIVE home on one of the islands off the main land. He keeps to himself. People like it that way. Screams occasionally come from it. Things occasionally blow up around it. It is best avoided.

Marvel Comics

This street somehow moderns out. Where most things are beach houses and even a couple of traditional Japanese homes, these places are very modern houses.

Jonothon Starsmore appears in two flavors; faced and nonfaced. Nonfaced lives with Gayle Edgerton, and they tend to hang out with Spike, from the Buffyverse. Faced!Jono lives with to the Paige Guthrie that belongs to tenshiko, and they've been lovers a very long time. They have that 'married couple' feel to them.

Angelo Espinosa and another Paige Guthrie and Angelo hangs out readily with the Faceless!Jono and Gayle, though he doesn't trust Spike much. Paige avoids Gayle and that Jono like the plague, but is happy with Angelo. It should be noted that Angelo has the sarcoma cancers that mark him as Legacy victim. He's not in the best of health.

Another Paige, who goes by Husk, has taken to Retirement Row. She tends toward keeping watch on Waga!Seifer (who is probably the only person who is as crazy as she is).


There are three Vashes, one Knives, one Meryl, and one Wolfwood running about. Phoenix!Vash lives with Margie Fatima (from the Fatima!Side), Waga!Vash lives down on retirement lane, and Fanfic!Vash lives with Fanfic!Meryl (and rumors have it that Fanfic!Vash and Phoenix!Vash like to have 'noisy sex' contests with each other, as they live next door to each other) and Knives, who reports that yes, they do have loud-sex contests. And he hates it. He enjoys scaring small children, so most people avoid him. Wolfwood preaches, hits on chicks, and enjoys drinking with Aidan.


Spike from the Buffyverse hangs around the pub, fights with Aidan regularly, and makes eyes at every attractive girl to walk through the door. He sometimes hangs out with Faceless!Jono and Gayle, and they go 'monstering about' sometimes. No body knows where he lives and he probably likes it that way.

Inu-Yasha is often seen spooking about the woods, but he never comes in to town. He's mighty anti-social.

Others; old characters, other folk, are always coming and going. You never really know who else may show up…
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