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Someone's getting... ???

"Is it me, or has Vash been very… active of late?"

Hikou and Houjun sat on their porch in reasonably companionable quiet, watching their foster son trot about, playing with carved horses that had been a gift from one of the other once-monks. However, their eyes were not currently on Hou-chan, but on the blonde Stampede which was currently banging on Kouran's door frantically.

"Doesn't he know she's the most crabby person in the world?" Hikou asked mildly.

"Must be naïve."

"Must be."

The door opened across the street, and Vash all but propelled himself inside. They watched the house for a moment, before Vash emerged again with a big grin on his face. Kouran shared his smile and waved him off as he turned to dash down the street.

"They couldn't have had amazing sex in the time we didn't see them, could they?" Hikou asked with wry amusement.

"Not unless Kouran has time magic no body knows about and Margie doesn't mind a swinger relationship," Houjun said with a snort.

Hikou shrugged and spread his hands. "Just wondering. I mean, whatever he did in those five minutes really made her happy."

"Must have. The shadow over her house seems to finally have passed."

Vash continued to race between houses, waking people up and disturbing the peace with wild shouts and greetings. Hikou and Houjun watched as he went all the way up one side of the street, and then began coming down the other side until he finally began to approach their porch.

"Well, maybe now we can get an answer on if he has some amazing speed factor or if he's simply that damn good."

"Hikou!" Houjun sighed, and then looked up-to find Vash leaning over their railing with a broad grin on his face.

"Hello, Vash-kun." Houjun said politely.


"How are you, Vash?" Hikou asked.

Houjun stuck a finger in his ear and wiggled it a little. "Vash-kun, can you please refrain from yelling your answers? Hou-chan's a delicate child. You'll damage his hearing."

Never had they seen the Stampede move back so quickly. His jubilance was stifled with Houjun's words, and they looked over the railing to find him examining Hou-chan with wide, green eyes.

"Vash? You can talk. Just don't yell," Houjun corrected him.

"Okay," Vash said. "I just don't know what you can do around kids. And it's important to know."

The lovers blinked, only to peer more closely over the railing at Vash. "Why's that?"

"Because Margie's pregnant."

Both men promptly fell over the railing in shock. Scrambling to recover, they flanked the Stampede and their son as they began to ask questions.

"When did you find out?"

"How long has she been pregnant?"

"When is she due?"

"But you're not human, how did that happen?"

Vash stood up, puffed up his chest in pride. "It happened the old fashioned way!" He pronounced with a smug grin, and then flashed his crossed fingered peace-sign. "Love and peace! And no small helping of love, lemme tell ya!"

"This is more then I need to know," Hikou said flatly. "But is that what you're running around for?"

"Yeah! And, well, uh, we're getting married and stuff. And I can't find the one of him," he said, pointing to Chichiri, "That isn't, uh, dipping his brush in an inkpot, if you get my meaning."

Ignoring that Houjun had gone a fine shade of red, Hikou slung an arm around him. "You mean you want the monk Chichiri to do the ceremony? How sweet. They're so cute when they're still monks. But they're far more entertaining when they're-" his eyes abruptly widened and a groaned softly, "GRINDING their heel into your FOOT."

Houjun glared at Hikou and removed the aforementioned heel from Hikou's foot, and then said to Vash, "He's set up in the temple in the main square."

"All right!" Vash said excitedly, and then stepped back. "I gotta go talk to him!" and with no more then that as a farewell, he zipped off again.

Houjun leaned down to pick up Hou-chan, as Hikou limped back toward the porch swing. "Can you please refrain from discussing our lovelife with blabbermouth stampedes?"

"Would you rather I tell Kouran you give great head?" Hikou asked with a mutter, leaning down to rub his foot once he was seated.

Houjun sighed and looked at their son. "Hikou-san has such a mouth on him. But that's all right, Hou-chan. It just means he won't get my mouth on him till he can clean in it up."

The baby laughed and patted Houjun's scarred cheek, as the monk strode past the grumbling demon. "Time for breakfast, isn't it, Hou-chan! Ah well, come on then. We'll go visit Chichiri at the temple later and ask if he needs any help. I may not be practicing anymore, but I didn't renounce my vows like some monks on the island… He may need some help in preparations."

Hikou just sighed, getting up from his seat and hobbling through the door behind his lover. "It was just a joke!" he protested, but it was too late. He was probably sleeping on the couch tonight.
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