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Good ol' boys.

It wasn't ever day that that a series grew to such popularity that a new street had to be commissioned for Haven. But today, the residents came out in mass, helping each other create a new home for a group that had out-grown 'Miscellaneous' and become a potent series in their own right.

"Is it me, or is the demon population around here... increasing?" Aidan muttered, as he helped raise one of the last walls of the humble shrine that would sit at the end of the street. "I mean, first we've got Spike. Multiple Hikou's. Yousui." He glanced over his shoulder as the final demon in question ran off early; probably to see his wife and two-month-old baby boy. "Now we have kitsune and dog-eared boys."

"It's the Writer's new obsession. That dogboy," noted Vash (one with a mechanical arm, thus, not Margie's husband to be). "But that's okay, isn't it? We all get our turn in the spotlight, right?"

"Yeah, true." Aidan grunted as the hammer crew-Jonothon and Angelo-came forward to start securing the wall they were holding up.

{{ And then, some of us 'ave more time in the spotlight then others, }} Jonothon noted, as he sent nails into the wood, his hammering in time with Angelo's.

"Yeah, yeah, don't remind me," Aidan muttered. He didn't need anymore reminders that his game had gone quite belly-up in the past few months.

{{ At least yer been played recently, }} Jono returned sourly.

"Oh, shut up," Aidan gave in return.

No body noticed the dog-eared boy who watched-and grinned-from the shade of the tree branches. He knew now, it was good to be a favorite! It meant you lingered like these old men. That, he decided, was better then anything else.
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