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Retirees, Part 1

"Is this all there is for us?"


Hikou looked across at the bar at the skinny blonde; a backup character, nothing but fluff with no real background beyond that he looked like an unfed Nakago with a gay-pride pin prominent on his chest, right under the name tag that read 'Jimmy'.

"Is this all there is for us. I mean, just sitting here, wondering, waiting… just sitting here being bored."

"Well, uh… I'm the wrong person to ask," the back-up bartender said.

Hikou sighed, and nodded. "Going to a booth, then," he pointed to the one he was going to occupy, and took his beer stein and went to seat himself away from the poor, under used backup character.

A few mugs later, the shitenou was nearly half-asleep from the amount of booze running through his watered-down blood, he wondered why he was bothering with this. Drinking was no fun without Yousui, anyway. Booze required the booze buddy, but being a new father and husband sort of cut back upon the time available for drinking till one had trouble feeling their legs.

Leaving his money on the table, he got up, headed out into the hot, summer night and began to trek home. Too bad his feet weren't quite right beneath him. He stumbled once, nearly fell, and found his arm caught by a passer-by.

He peered up into a face he did not recognize. Shrouded in black, the voice that spoke echoed in his head, he was sure was born of magic. {{ Watch where yer bloody going, yer sodden bastard. }}

"Fuck you too," Hikou managed, but found that he was still having trouble getting to his feet. But a slender arm looped around him and maneuvered him without much trouble, even as he heard what sounded like the bar's television, left on 'channel snow'.

The man in black with the magic voice half-carried Hikou up a short flight of steps, and into a house. The shitenou was then deposited on the couch, and the voice asked, {{ Don't know much 'bout you magic folk, but I'm guessin' yer so blotto yer seeing triple. }}

"Yeah. Somethin' like that."

{{ Yer get sick? }}

"No. Just need a shower to filter the bad shit out of me and bring in clean water."

{{ Fuckin' odd, yer are. Well, if you want a shower, go for it. Think you can not kill yerself getting' yerself in the shower? }}

"Should be fine." Hikou lugged himself off the couch, and plodded toward the room that the dark-clad man indicated with his arm. At least, the room he thought he indicated with what he thought was an arm....

(To be continued later.)
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