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muse_asylum's Journal

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Asylum - A Haven for Muses
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This is a little space for muses, safe from certain negative influences that some people wish to avoid. It is an offshot of allmymuses; if you post there, you're probably welcome here.

The place works thusly: Haven is a single island in a chain of small, inhabitable tropical islands. The main island is currently inhabited by amurderofcrows's musegroups, but there's plenty of room for others to settle in--build a summer home to vacation at, move in permanently, whatever. Just come and enjoy yourself! ^.^ There's good fishing, beach parties, and all sorts of strangeness around the islands! So enjoy.

Please try and keep your muses clear as to who is who. Post a list if you like, detailing who they are, where they're from, and what they're doing, and where on the island they're living, and who they may be living with. Please try and keep markers -- make sure we all know who you're talking about when you refer to muses; especially when you're doing a story snippet that involves someone else's muses!

Any 'reply' posts should not be done in comments, but in a success post, to keep the 'fiction' feel of the group. Remember to ask nicely about using people's muses before you do, though...

There may be adult content. If your post is sexual, graphicly violent, or just plain LONG, please use the LJ Cut tag.

If you have any questions or wish to join, just contact amurderofcrows. ^.^ If you do not talk to me before joining the community, you'll be removed from it. Thank you.

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